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I was referred to Olukemi in August 2009 through an employee assistance programme. At this point I had been diagnosed as suffering from depression for approximately 15 years. During this time I had undergone various types of therapy, attended a self-help course & taken several different anti-depressants. I was at a particularly low point & in need of help.

Through my work I was entitled to 6 sessions with Olukemi but quickly realised that I felt very comfortable working with her & decided to continue the sessions privately. These lasted for 2 ½ years ending in March .

I found Olukemi very positive in her approach to therapy. She was extremely easy to talk to & I had complete trust in her guidance through my situation. Over the course of my sessions I feel we very successfully managed to unravel & deal with the reasons behind my depression. I have gained a much more positive & insightful outlook on my life. I no longer try to second guess others expectations of me. I have belief in my own judgements & I know it’s OK to put me 1st.

I would certainly highly recommended working with Olukemi. My view on life has gone from as if I was watching an old black & white TV with 3 channels to the newest 3D TV with an endless choice of channels. It is the realisation that those choices are mine to make, small or large, that has completely changed my life.

It takes courage to look so closely at your life. It was not always an easy journey but even through the hardest of times I have never regretted my decision to do so with Olukemi. JJ ()


I have suffered from OCD and PTSD for 24 years. I was hospitalised for two years for my illness but was never totally well. I first met Olukemi 3 years ago. She was the first therapist I had that really understood me. I have been so much better and Olukemi got to the root of my problem. She is so kind and easy to talk to and just like my best friend. I still meet Olukemi and she has been so kind to me. I am a lot better now since I have been working with her and I am coping much better with guilt which was very hard for me. I think she is an angel sent from heaven! I would recommend anyone to go to Olukemi she is the best therapist in the world. Kerry ()


I had seen a therapist in previous years but it wasn't until I started seeing Olukemi that I realised that my real issues had never been dealt with.

What first struck me was how down to earth and lacking in affectations, Olukemi is. This was very important to me, as working myself in a similar profession, I knew that this was the approach I needed.

I came to Olukemi with the intention that I would only need a few sessions but soon realised that I was actually in crisis due to many years of not dealing with or understanding the reality of what had happened to me in previous years. I ended up seeing Olukemi for 20 months which is very little time when I think of the years of uncertainty I would have suffered and the bad life decisions I could have made. The sessions helped me see the enormity of what I had suffered in the past where as before, my attitude had always been that there were people much more worse off than me and that I should just get on with things.

The time I gave myself with Olukemi made me see how my issues were effecting my day-to-day life, how self-deprecating I was, how my thoughts had been 'programmed' by the lack of love and encouragement I had received early on in my formative years. I treated myself harshly and didn't think I deserved any better and therefore made poor decisions at work, in my choice of friends, lovers and even in small decisions on a daily basis. I was also unhealthily using alcohol, in the evenings, as an emotional crutch.

The sessions were hard work for the first few months but when the haze started to lift and things fell in to place, I soon realised the best decision I had ever made was to seek guidance and help from a therapist. And luckily for me, it was Olukemi that came in to my life.

Two years down the line and I am now confident, happy and see how wonderful life is. For once I am actually excited at the prospect of the future. I can't change my past but I am very aware of myself and give myself the love I deserve. There are still times when my self-doubt rears its ugly head but I am now equipped to deal with this and am now in control of and aware of the thoughts that lead to such feelings. It has to be said that as much as I have cried in our sessions, I have also done a lot of laughing. I am now in a wonderful relationship and my life has taken an exciting new path, whereas 3 years ago I thought that all was lost.

Olukemi has an amazing ability to make you feel at ease, whilst maintaining the boundaries and professionalism required of her work. She is truly a Master in her field and I will never forget her throughout my life. Signed~Wee Mo ()


Olukemi was recommended to us by a friend who had seen her for psychotherapy. Olukemi helped us successfully navigate our way through a number of very challenging family and relationship issues. Her direct approach was particularly helpful as she equipped us with various strategies to deal with what we faced. JF & SO ()


I began my sessions with Olukemi in early January 2011, my reason for seeking psychotherapy was a recurrence of a high anxiety state which could last from between 3 weeks to 3 months, I had also just said farewell to my last parent and everything seemed to have been trawled up all at once.

Initially I would turn up and not really engage in the session, thinking that if I just kept going I would eventually feel better, however it became evident to me through dialogue with Olukemi and an awareness of my own issues, that I wasn't really bringing myself into the room, not really being present at the sessions and therefore not putting any effort in to the relationship, what a surprise! Olukemi gently created an atmosphere where I could bring forth my intimate self and unfold that which I most wanted to keep tightly guarded from the world, fearing that putting myself in such a vulnerable position would only cause me further pain.

I soon found though that I was in the very capable and safe hands of someone with a wealth of experience, a deep understanding of the human condition and more importantly a great big warm heart and a wonderful sense of humour. There were a number of times that as I started to feel somewhat better I thought about ceasing my weekly sessions. I was so glad I didn't and so very grateful to have someone like Olukemi assist me on my path. Once I committed to the relationship my sessions became more important to me and we were able to go deeper. I always left with a better understanding of my part in my own process. I saw Olukemi for one year and since my series of sessions, I feel that I now understand where my anxiety comes from and what it is based on. I can recognise it when it surfaces and therefore keep it at a manageable level, whereas before it would take over and prevent me from functioning in a meaningful way. I most definitely feel much calmer and have a lovely sense of warmth and freedom; of love!

I have experienced psychotherapy previously and I'm sure the therapists I had were very well studied and possibly well experienced too. The thing is, after 2 or 3 sessions I stopped attending, for the simple reason, that I didn't 'hit it off ' with them. I feel that you have to have a 'click' with whoever you are trusting with your process, and just as Olukemi was recommended to me by a friend, I would have no hesitation in recommending Olukemi to my family or closest companions. If you are considering beginning psychotherapy then you have found someone I am absolutely certain you will click with.

Olukemi's personality, her style of psychotherapy and her approach to assisting you with your process is to me, tangible proof that when someone is doing that which they were put here on Earth to do and has such passion and love for it, then there is a power and grace flowing from that person and that in itself can infuse you and contribute massively to your healing process. So I would like to give you a heartfelt thank you Olukemi, with my love and blessings. AF ().

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